What Is HTML Text Extractor? - Semalt Review

HTML text extractor is an easy way to view and save the text of a web page. With this tool, you can scrape the HTML documents and obtain meaningful information in a matter of seconds. If you are frustrated because a site has unselectable text and looking for a right solution, HTML text extractor is the right choice for you.

The HTML text extractor has a lot of features. Some of them have been discussed below.

1. Suitable for programmers

For programmers and non-programmers, HTML text extractor will extract codes and text from the desired web pages. You don't need to have programming skills to use this tool. Instead, you need basic knowledge of HTML and Python to get your work done. This tool is not only suitable for programmers but also for enterprises, startups, journalists, and students.

2. HTML text extractor for web designer

A web designer is responsible for creating superb designs and creative web pages for his customers. If you are a professional web designer and have a large number of HTML files to extract, you should try HTML text extractor. This tool ensures your protection and privacy on the internet, getting you well-scraped data. Furthermore, it collects and extracts information from images and videos, making it easy for you to create illustrative designs.

3. HTML text extractor for all operating system

One of the most distinctive features of HTML text extractor is that it runs on all Windows systems. Moreover, this tool can be integrated with any web browsers and is great for the users of Windows 98, Me, 2000, NT, Vista, XP, 7and 8. It will unzip your file and will extract text in a readable format.

4. It creates and manages agents and scripts

With HTML text extractor, the webmasters can create and manage both scripts and agents easily. It invokes mass adjustment actions easily and performs a variety of tasks for its users.

5. You can transform unstructured data into usable information

With HTML text extractor, you can transform the unstructured data to usable and readable information conveniently. You don't need any programming skill to use this tool. It will first scan your HTML documents and will provide at least 40 normalization templates to choose from, making it easy for you to import your data.

6. Good for news websites

The New-York Times, CNN, BBC and The Washington Post are some of the most famous news websites. With HTML text extractor, you can extract data from these sites easily. It will provide you quality results and fixes all major and minor errors easily. With this tool, you can create quality content and get it published on your website for better search engine rankings.

7. Flexible payment plans

Last but not the least, HTML text extractor is suitable for startups and comes with different premium plans. For instance, you can choose its basic plan if you have a private blog and cannot afford pricey deals. The basic plan will cost you $20 per month and unlocks loads of features and options for you. However, its 14-day trial is also available.

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